Our Story

About me

My name is Ashley Mateo which is where my brand name comes from. I am a Verified content creator and self taught makeup artist with a combined following over 2 million! 

My Journey

 My makeup journey started when I was very young. I would always use makeup to bring attention to my eyes and away from my insecurities which at the time was due to my severely crooked smile. Later in life at the age of 21 I finally got braces! Since then my reasons for doing makeup has changed. Makeup helps to get me out of my head, helps calm my anxiety and brings me joy. 

I have worked extremely hard over my lifetime to go from living in poverty and being bullied, to graduating college with high honors and building a strong social media presence. My dream is to keep working hard and create the next big cosmetics brand!


 Today’s world is rapidly changing and so many people are expressing themselves online. I want to help them feel beautiful inside and out! I want to bring beautiful products to my fellow makeup artists who want not only a good product but one worthy of displaying.